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Do you have a Broken Car Key?

If you have broken your car key blade or your car key casing then you have come to the right site -we are here to help!

We’ve helped hundreds of customers sort their car key issues out, meaning that they can pull their car key out of their pocket or bag without it disintegrating and falling to pieces.

We can supply the vast majority of vehicles with replacement car key casings or complete replacement car keys and cut new blades.

Better still, we can even do this on site for you, or for a little bit of discount come to our Brownhills workshop and wait in our waiting room while we sort your key out.

We can remove your broken car keys from your car door lock or ignition barrel and supply you with a replacement key to get you back on the road.

We make every effort to save your original barrel and will only replace a barrel or ignition switch as a last resort – however we can supply and fit new ignition barrels if required.

We can rebuild car door barrels and ignition barrels around a new key as well.

We can replace over 90% of car keys on the market today, even the tricky ones such as BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen car keys.

Did you know you can also get a quote online?

Use our enquiry form for a no obligation quote!

If you aren’t in a major hurry to get back in your vehicle, we also take online bookings. Specify a date and we will call before arrival.

We also offer a 5% discount on online bookings.

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